Networking for Quality Assurance (NQA) is a way of working at learner, local, regional and national levels which aims to develop and encourage a quality culture.

Interagency groups (at local stakeholder level) were developed and nurtured across NQA partner countries, coming together to develop a bottom up response to the more formal top down Quality Assurance systems.

Based on an existing model of interagency working, the NQA partners sought to bring together the main stakeholders in Vocational Education and Training in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Finland and Italy.

The two year project allowed the interagency groups to not only adapt and transfer the existing interagency model, but to innovate around issues of quality specific to each partner country.

Over the lifetime of the project stakeholders (including learners, VET providers, Career Guidance practitioners, Policy makers) across the partnership engaged in 65 Quality Assurance related meetings where issues relating to quality culture and its development were discussed and debated. From these meetings a range of support materials were developed and piloted forming the NQA Model and Resource pack which can be used by practitioners and area based groups to implement a similar approach.

Key Learning for Quality Assurance in VET policy and implementation

  • Bottom-up engagement is essential for developing quality culture and closing the quality cycle
  • Interagency working facilitates the development of quality culture and raises Quality awareness at local levels
  • Interagency working requires commitment and careful nurturing
  • Interagency working supports the development of champions of quality at local levels
  • Learners perceptions of quality should underpin continuous improvement
  • Champions of quality at national levels enable meaningful bottom-up engagement
  • Leadership at learner, local and national levels is key to inclusive and meaningful quality assurance
News and Events

Dublin based NQA local interagency group meeting Tuesday 30th September, Ballymun

Official launch of NQA findings – 26th September 2014

Final EU Partnership meeting in Dublin 25th and 26th September 2014

Equal Youth EQAVET European Commision

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